Finland’s EU Presidency has a uniform look and logo which will be used in the various materials produced by the Presidency, such as printed and audiovisual materials and the website. Meetings taking place in Finland will also match the look.

The ideas behind the visual design and logo

The visual designs for Finland's EU Presidency reflect the dynamic changes underway in the Union, and represent the way the values of the enlarged EU dovetail together to form a unified whole. The look will evolve as the Presidency progresses.

logoThe logo for Finland’s EU Presidency symbolises:
- growth and development
- common values
- showing the way and
- the Finns' open and direct way of going about things.

The logo draws inspiration from the lines and colours of the Nordic landscape. It represents cooperation between the Member States of the European Union, and debate and decision-making on matters of common interest.

The logo suggests the green of a burgeoning forest, the sweep of the horizon and the blue of water shimmering in the sun. The contemporary feel to the point on the right-hand side symbolises progressive Finnish thinking and seems to point the way forwards. The transparency of the design conveys openness.

The logo and overall look are the work of graphic designer Timo Kuoppala, from the advertising agency, Recommended Finland. A design competition, open to design agencies, was organised for the logo.

Use of the logo

The logo and visual designs for Finland’s Presidency are protected by copyright. The logo may be used only for coverage of the EU Presidency. Special consent is required for other uses.

Print-quality versions of the logo can be obtained using the download links below.

Download print-quality versions

Use in publications – Used in printed material, high-quality prints and electronic screen displays. The size of the originals can be enlarged or reduced without compromising the quality.


Office use – Used in electronic office applications and in electronic and printable documents. The size of the originals can be reduced but not enlarged.












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