Budget and Presidency partners

The total budget for Finland’s EU Presidency was around €75 million. Some €38.5 million of this was for meetings, €26 million for staffing costs and €10.5 million for security.

The meeting budget covered not just the organising of the 140 or so meetings held in Finland but also costs relating to the setting up of the website, training for civil servants and the creation of the Presidency’s visual look. The staffing budget paid for costs of the extra personnel employed at Government ministries and the Permanent Representation in Brussels, for the personnel of the Secretariat for Finland’s EU Presidency, the 45-strong staff of EU Assistants, recruited for a two-year period, for travelling expenses and all additional hours worked.

The cost of each Presidency is met by the country holding it. When Finland last held the Presidency in 1999, the total cost amounted to some €64 million.

Finland’s EU Presidency partners were: the Finnish Forest Foundation, Volvo Auto Oy Ab, Helsinki Water and Yleisradio Oy.

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